Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Technical Skills

In an effort to showcase a variety of different projects on this blog.  Here is a compilation of my technical skills I put together for my portfolio flatbook.  In this little package of a post you will find examples of:

Technical drawing made in Adobe Illustrator to further specify the details on a garment, usually sent out to manufacturers so they know what the finished garment looks like, where all the stitches go, distance between details, and all else needed to effectively reproduce a garment.

My fashionable technical packages made in the industry for sending overseas or domestically to effectively manufacture and produce clothing.  These include various different sheets sent to the different areas of the production processes for testing, approval, and samples.  Specifications are made, research is done, instructions given, and approval is required by many different people for quality control and assurance.  Call me strange, but I'd have to say, my favorite part was organizing everything into the tables and streamlining them so that all the files contained the same information (if only I can organize my computer files this efficiently!).

Digital patternmaking, grading (making the pattern in a range of sizes), and marking (laying them all out so as they can effectively fit onto sheets of fabric to be cut) made on Lectra Modaris and Diamono. The program being so new and different (compared to Adobe and Word) took a little bit of time to grasp, but once I got the hang of it, had very nice elements.  For example, you could print the patterns in different scales to make smaller pieces of clothing (ie. if you wanted your doll to have the same dress as yourself you could very well print the pattern using the one you made in your size, scale it down to 25% and make adjustments accordingly) The marking (done on Diamono) was a fun process of trying to squeeze pattern pieces into crannies like a jigsaw puzzle so as to acquire the most efficiency from a sheet of fabric.  I must admit, I spend a good while trying to get my fabric efficiency as high as possible by trying variations of placing difference pattern pieces in different places.  

Last but not least are some of my illustrations.  Done in various ways; sketched and colored traditionally, sketched by hand and colored on Photoshop, and sketched by hand and colored in Illustrator.

And that reaches the end of this post!  I hope you enjoyed this smorgasbord of samplings.  It was interesting for me to see everything complied in this way and how my style has changed and my progress in different areas.  Serves as a great platform for critique and to pinpoint areas of strengths and where I need to improve.


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