Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ula's Locket: Costumes: Talula & Ethan

In connection to my previous Sea Maiden post (here!), these are the current renderings of Talula and Ethan's costumes.
Talula's costumes initially start out with very tailored details and dusty pastel colors. As the story progresses, her costumes become more draped and the colors become more saturated.  This change parallels her character development  throughout.
Ethan's costumes aren't as numerous as Talula's.  They start out reflecting his low stature and personality of wanting very much to look above his class.  His first outfit is of a little older design and looks as if he has out grown, out worn, and generally out lived it.  After he becomes the town "hero," his wardrobe becomes updated and better fitting emphasizing his rise in status and fortunes and also the rise in his hubris.


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