Monday, December 09, 2013

Photoshoot with Lisa Kimberly

One week prior to Exhibit Ambush, I had the chance to work with some immensely creative and talented individuals on a photoshoot with my garments.  While the general  mood and overall idea of the shoot was discussed, the details were left open to collective interpretation.  This allowed for an open collaboration of ideas and experimentation which I have always found to yield some of the best images.

Photo by Lisa Kimberly
Our creative team consisted of the following:

     Photographers Lisa Kimberly & Kristina Yamamoto
     Model: Mio Yokoyama
     Make Up Artist: Danielle Henry
     Hair Stylist: Badri Kermani
     Sculptor and artist: Zynada Aurelio
     Jewelry designer: Sweet1985
     Designers: Jaqueline Banting & Annalynn Luu

Photos by Lisa Kimberly

What initially began as one shoot became two separate photoshoots with largely different looks and moods.  Such is the talent of the team.

This was one of those photoshoots where everything just went right.  The entire team worked well together, there was respect, love, and an overall sense of collaboration.

Full set of photographs can be found on my website HERE.

Here’s to hoping we can all work together again!

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