Thursday, August 27, 2015

On Set Plastic Wrap Dress for Exhibit Ambush

Back in May, the Exhibit Ambush team got together at Padre Janitorial Supply's spacious warehouse for a huge editorial photoshoot.  Prior to the shoot, I had decided to take half a step back from my role as one of their main avant garde designers to focus on developing my skills and strengthening my career path.  Despite this, I still very much wanted to actively participate in supporting Ambush and all that it offers for artists.  Whenever I was able, I would volunteer my time and help the team as best I can.

Going into the photoshoot, I was set on general grunt work related to full day editorial shoots including gathering supplies, setting up props and staging, cleaning, organizing, etc.  The night before, we received news that we may be one look short and a back up would be ideal.   Since I had nothing new to show, I offered to work on something on the spot and see if we can get a good shot out of it.  Needless to say, many people were uneasy.  I was...a little nervous, but mostly excited.  On set improv fashion was something I had been wanting to do for years.  There's a certain thrill about the challenge of only using what you can find on set and creating something functional in a small amount of time.  It really tests your creativity and resourcefulness as an artist and pushes the boundaries of your aesthetics.  I therefore packed my portable dressform and fashion designer's photoshoot bag complete with double stick tape, safety pins, etc. and threw in some staples, tape, rope, more safety pins, etc. for some fun improv fashion.

BTS Photos by awesome artist Haze One

After the initial set up and team huddle, I set to work on this back-up look.  The warehouse had a pile of discarded cardboard boxes and plastic wrap that was perfect for what I planned. Setting up shop out of the way of the general traffic of photoshoot work, I began familiarizing myself with the plastic and thinking up different methods I can manipulate the material to my advantage in between helping with the other looks.

As it turned out, we did not need the extra back-up editorial look, but photographer Danny Suhendar insisted we shoot it anyway. Model Katya Beatty was amazing as I fit the plastic to her body and stapled and tied and wrapped her in. Go team!

Please check out the other shots in this series in Studio Airr's blog post HERE!

Creative Team:
     Photographer: Danny Suhendar
     Model: Katya Beatty
     Make Up Artist: Sylvie MUA
     Jewelry designer: Nea Eshe (Tanya Jenkins)
     Styling/direction: Antoinette Ransom
     Set designers/assistance: Zynada Aurelio, Marilyn Bui, Miko Pangusan, Gilberto Guzmán,  
                 Angelica Terre, Kailey Withers, Jorge Chavez
     Designer: Annalynn Luu

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