Sunday, October 11, 2015

Halloween is Coming!! Disguise Yourself!!
For the past few years, I worked on and off closing out the production season for Disguise Costumes. In the Spring of last year, I returned and eventually became a junior designer for the company.

Working here has taught me so many valuable skill sets and work ethics. Despite it being a Halloween specific company, we work all year round to develop these costumes which is then produced in China and shipped to all the retailers.  In addition, because development takes so long due to changes in design for cost licensed approvovals throughout the various stages of development (concept, prototype, pre-production, final sample), we work one entire year ahead of schedule.  Therefore, all the new styles that are out for this year's Halloween were developed and realized last year at corporate headquarters.  The constant and year-round fast pace of manufacturing development has definitely helped me understand and respect the amount of work it takes to create products that are sold everywhere.  Communication with all aspects of creative development from all departments, factories, and licensors are crucial to creating great product.

Personally, I love working on all different categories of design.  It's always so exciting learning what major creative studios are producing and interpreting these shows, movies, games etc. into wearable costumes for children and adults.  It also gives me another excuse to watch cartoons and shows and buy toys for reference (as if I needed any). Because we are in direct contact with licensors, the passion is definitely there. 

Lastly glitter. Working in Halloween, you will get glitter on all parts of your body and clothing. You will be halfway through your coffee and see glitter specs in your cup and not care anymore. You will find glitter in your shoes over a year after you stop working there. I've learned to embrace it.  It's like I got attacked by unicorns and fairies.

That being said, many people have asked me which costumes I worked on and seeing as it is roughly a month before the big day (Halloween), I've listed my accomplishments below. All the ones I worked on are under "New for 2015!" They're retailed at many of the major stores (Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, Spirit, Amazon, and so many more)and online so I hope you enjoy them! I LOVE watching kids toddle around in these all happy and poofy muscled.

Full responsibility as a designer.
Emoticons, my first line!
One of my favorite lines
Prestige and Adult Muscle
Soft costumes and accessories
He-Man hates me. But there's love there. I think...

 Generic Toddlers

I helped in the design processes of the following.
Mario Riding Yoshi inflatable is kind of my favorite

Keep an eye out in all the Halloween sections and stores!
I also worked on a few more styles for 2016 so stay tuned next year! 

Happy Halloween!

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