Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thesis_Part 2

I'm currently slaving through my draft.  My high school English teachers would be so incredibly disappointed in me right now.  You know those Deep Dark Fears comics by Fran Krause? This is one of them.  Every time I sit down to write, I worry that all of a sudden, I cannot string coherent words together.  Honestly I peaked as a writer as a Sophomore in high school when I could hand write a complete essay in 45 minutes.

Right now it's like having the dots thrown onto a page but they connect into nonsense.  My current strategy is to throw more dots onto the page and form them into something with more sense later.

My research has taken me from religion and mythology into science with one toe in metaphysics.   I wish we had a class in classics in high school. Plato's writings are worth discussion. From there I have jumped into the anthropology of religion, magic, and ritual and now into Norse mythology and the old Nordic language.  What an adventure.  I just hope this paper will make sense once it's polished.

Despite the serious struggle of motivation to get this done around the strange schedule of doing random theater projects, I am enjoying the research process.  I just wish I had more time to research deeper into the content.  My draft is nearing full and I am impatient to get it done.  Yet here I am writing a post about writing my draft when I really should be writing my draft.....

I've also started listening to the trilogy on audio book again. It's amazing the things one notices every time something is revisited.  This is truly a wondrous piece of work. 

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