"Collectively, I don't see my works in one distinct category but rather a mixture of fashion, costume, and fine arts."

Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. Annalynn seeks to design without boundaries adhering to the philosophy, "If you can dream it, you can create it." While her interests span a broad range, she is attracted to the new, the different, and the whimsical. She thrives in areas which challenge the mind and by the simple yet profound impact that a bit of lightheartedness can bring to life.

Combining her love of stories with garment construction, Annalynn aims to make statement pieces in which the audience will not only be able to see the stories unfolding, but to also inspire them to create their own and expand their imagination. She aims to create art that transcends the typical and bring greater meaning to each element; aiming to not only create visual looks but to also use her specialty to explore various concepts and thoughts.

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